“I know I’m lazy with the little things”

February 2, 2007

Because I Didn’t Feel Like Giving In To A Bad Mood

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I’ll speak in monotone and you
Will clap your hands just to
Ease the gray.
The cigarette stick in your hands
Never looked so poetic
It’s just like that time when
The mid-afternoon sunlight hit
The rushing river and breathtaking rocks
The view I have of you is silken
I feel like stealing you away
And am I not stealing time
Just staring at you?

I will speak in barely a whisper
And you will cock your head just to
Catch half of my confabulation
Oh, what a stellar act to this dreary night
Your smile doesn’t soothe your face
And that’s all right; you look perfect anyway.

You shake your head and wring your hands
And I keep my thoughts to myself this time.
We walk away with amplifiers
And a thousand unsaid things.

[“A Thousand Unsaid Things”]
* This was written by me. Don’t steal. Although, gosh. I don’t know why anyone would be retarded enough to do that. I mean, I’m a nobody, after all. Anyway, just don’t steal my crap.

my muse this time around


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  1. Hey i really like your poem! Also thanks for the comment, and yes JOHN MAYOR Is freakin awesome haha.

    OH and if your looking to be hosted im more than willing to give you a home 🙂

    Comment by Monica — February 4, 2007 @ 12:21 pm

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