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January 29, 2007

The Casting Agent

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Me and my sister were about to fall asleep when I asked her, “If ‘Neverwhere’ is going to be made into a movie, who do you think would the cast be?” And that started our musings on who will play who. If you’re unfamiliar with Neil Gaiman’s novel “Neverwhere”, please search Google right now, because I swear — [pauses to ease the crunchy muscles on the neck] — I swear that if I start talking about it, I’ll never stop and you might fall into a coma, at the worst. And that’ll be my fault.

So anyway. Back to the cast me and my sister came up with:

Door – that girl who starred opposite Heath Ledger in “A Knight’s Tale”
Richard Mayhew – that Sid Arthur guy in “Mean Girls”; guy who played opposite Piper Perabo in “Coyote Ugly”
Marquis de Carabas – Antonio Banderas [hands down. amen.]
Hunter – Salma Hayek
Angel Islington – Gwyneth Paltrow
Croup – Colin Pharrell
Vandemar – Hugh Jackman

For the last two, it doesn’t hurt to have good-looking villains. A good come-on for the film. Hehe.

Gawd! Someone give me my own website now! [Sends telepathic message to mom.]


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  1. Wooh! sound’s like you have it all worked out!
    You should write a letter or somthing. But make sure you include colourful drawing’s of the cast on the set so that the writer of the actual story know’s that everyone will get along.

    Once i have finshed writing my musical script ill send it to you to read over, and then to decide who should get given each roll.

    I actually havent started that musical, matter of fact i never thought of writing the musical litterly again, which i probebly wont but i thought of a really good idea for one, in which i shall pitch in my next blog.

    Thank’s love. =]

    Comment by Dan — January 31, 2007 @ 9:11 am

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