“I know I’m lazy with the little things”

January 17, 2007

The Day of Leaving One’s Brain Up In One’s Ass, Another of Internet Whoring

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When my brother told me [bleep!] was having a baby, “Ouch!” was simultaneous with “He’s going to have a baby girl. Blond.” That was what? A year ago?

Four days ago: I was contented with reconnectiing with the internet whore in me when my brother called my attention to show me photos of [bleep!] holding his baby. Wow. My brother must’ve really left his brain up in his ass, where he can’t reach for it. Showing me those photos was about as useful as getting chewed alive by piranhas. Oh, well. Shrug and go on with the show. O-bla-di, o-bla-da, this is life. It was almost creepy, how correct I was that [bleep!] did have a baby girl. Was it blond? I didn’t notice. (Wait. Do piranhas even chew?)

On with the show: Three days ago: Still indulging the internet whore in me, this time by uploading photos in my Friendster account. There’s thirty-four now. *tap dances… Like I kno how!* Sixteen more to go. Oh, yeah. This Tony guy I met online asked me if I’d like to live in Australia, where he resides, and if I was looking for marriage. Why oh why do guys ask me fall-over-your-seat-in-shock questions only online? But sure, Australia would be a nice place to live in. I told you I could be easily bribed. Ha!


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