“I know I’m lazy with the little things”

December 25, 2006


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There’s a lot to be said when you go back to a place you haven’t been in after seven years. Me and my family (minus my older brother, plus our housekeeper) finally went back to Baguio after said number of years. While our car was going up the winding road (we call it “zigzag”), I found myself sniffing the air every five seconds. And when we finally neared the city proper, I couldn’t help it. I had to let out a whoop. I just had to or… or… Let’s just say I had to and leave it at that.

The hotel rooms we got are all right. There was that imagined fright while I was taking a shower. Every time I take a shower or sleep in a place that’s not my own, scary thoughts cram inside my head. For instance, while shampooing earlier I imagined that someone was just outside the shower door. That when I open it, I’ll be seeing a white lady. Or worse, a black lady. Then while I was trying to get some nap, I imagined some silhouette was there by the doorway. [I ended up leaving the light there turned on, even though my mother was, say, about two or three feet away from me.] I’m mad. I scare myself and that’s the only time I get scared. I got glimpses of those beings before but I get more scared when I scare myself. What a lunatic I am. How gorgeous is that?

I remember Stephen King saying something about hotels. How you never know what went on in the room you’re occupying. Once before, in that same room, a man could have been holding the Bible while contemplating hanging himself in the closet. Something like that.


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